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Sue Adkins, owner and president of Success Unlimited started in 2003 with one speaker, husband Henry O from Plano.  In the fall of 2001 their youngest child entered Purdue University.  They now had two children in College, one in Indiana and one in Kansas at Newman University.  Their daughter, an attorney, was working and living on her own.  Sue believed that being an empty nester meant a chance of new entrepreneur opportunities, so in 2003 she began booking Henry O from Plano across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.  Henry O also published his best selling book “Life Lessons” Common Sense: Your Way To Success, this was great for Success Unlimited which now included book signings.  Since its beginning the company has been very deliberate and selective about choosing speakers to represent.  Success Unlimited Speakers must bring class,  character and audience appeal.  If they don’t bring this, the company loses a customer and other potential business.  The Top speakers are Henry O from Plano and Dr. Douglas McDuffie who both exemplify the character, class and audience appeal that makes Success Unlimited successful.



Henry O from Plano





Dr. Douglas McDuffie

http:// www.douglasmcduffie.com/about.html